MOMMAS HOUSE is dedicated to ensuring that any pregnant young woman on Long Island can have a realistic opportunity to parent her child even in the most difficult of circumstances. MOMMAS can make a difference for teenage mothers abandoned by their families, having no place to take their babies other than a seedy rooming house and no prospects other than being chained to welfare. Young mothers, whose choice of life for their child is at odds with a society which too often promotes death, now have a place to take their baby home.

When former Vice President Dan Quayle visited MOMMAS HOUSE in 1990, he observed: "What struck me most about MOMMAS HOUSE is the love and care that these young women and their children receive from director, Pat Shea, and the staff. It's true it's difficult to raise a child alone, and it's true that society puts a lot of pressure on pregnant teenagers to have an abortion. It's important that pregnant teens be provided with a real choice and a real alternative to having an abortion."



    1. Provide young mothers age 18 to 24 years old with a sheltered atmosphere where responsibility is stressed, yet support is available.
    2. Prevent child abuse by alleviating the isolation of the young mother.
    3. Avoid child neglect by teaching parenting and child care.
    4. Offer a stable environment where young mothers can be nurtured and encouraged to obtain training and schooling.
    5. Assist the young mother in establishing a secure job in order to become financially stable and not be dependent on a welfare allotment.

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