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A Documentary Journal from Ten Single Mothers
by photographer, Belenna Mesa Lauto

Ever After is an on-going documentary project that was begun in September 1995. It is a biographical journal that combines photographs with personalized testimonies from the young mothers who reside in MOMMAS House. MOMMA'S House is a residency for young mothers aged 17-21 and their babies. Their mission is to provide a home, guidance, direction and continued education that will enable young mothers who pass through their doors the opportunity to support themselves and their child throughout their lives.

The mothers who dwell here come from diverse backgrounds, cultures and situations. Some have been evicted from their homes by their parents; others escape an abusive and/or dysfunctional household; others were homeless, literally living in cars, parks or surviving in temporary situations.

MOMMA'S House has and still continues to make a difference for teenage mothers who have no place to go or who might otherwise be chained to a life of welfare. In their commitment to the sanctity of all human life- no matter how troubled and no matter how small- they provide young mothers an opportunity to take responsibility for their actions and choose to love, grow and learn.


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