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Katie's Story

Before coming to MOMMAS House I was homeless and pregnant at 21.  I did not have family support. My father was mentally ill and my mother was a drug addict.  Unfortunately the father of my child suffered from mental illness and addiction as well.  For the safety of myself and my child I ended up leaving him.  I was living in a motel when my mother read about MOMMAS House in a local paper… I was accepted into MOMMAS House the next day.


In MOMMAS House I learned there were other girls with similar problems and issues.   I had a safe and stable environment for myself and my child. While I was living there I was able to complete the JP Morgan Chase training program in order to become employed, then I was able to find my own apartment and support myself and my child.

Since graduating from Mommas House I have worked at JP Morgan Chase, and done Fundraising at United Cerebral Palsy.  After leaving MOMMAS House I tried to reconcile with my child’s father, we got married and had a second child and moved to California to start a new life. Unfortunately his illnesses prevented us from being able to remain a family unit.  


I had to divorce him and move back to New York, where MOMMAS House took me and my sons in once again while I looked for a place of our own.  Tragically my first born son was diagnosed with Cancer, and despite the best efforts of myself and his doctors I lost him at the age of seven. 

Despite these hardships I have continued to persevere.  I recently graduated on the Deans List from St. Johns University with a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies and now I am actively looking to begin my career.  I also continue to love and care for my younger son Luke who is now seven years old.


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