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Catherine's Story
My name is Catherine P.  I am proud to tell my story of how I came to Momma’s House and my time there.  When I was 17 I became pregnant. Shortly after, I moved 4,500 miles from Alaska to New York. I left my family behind to live with my unborn child’s father and his family. Right from the beginning there were problems. By the time I was six months pregnant the father and I broke up…meanwhile I was still living with him and his family. I was six months pregnant and unable to get a job, I had no nearby family, and no emotional support. Three weeks after giving birth to my son I got a job as a secretary. I soon realized that I would not be able to support my self nor my child with that job. I also realized that with out furthering my education I would always have to depend on others. I would never be able to move out of my ex’s home.

I decided that if I was to support myself I would have to go to college. I started college full time, I also worked full time and I was still a single mother. Needless to say I received bad grades. The situation I was living in was horrible. Though the father and I were no longer together, our relationship turned physically abusive. One night he put a razor to my throat and threatened to kill me. In the middle of the night I left the house with my son and a few things and stayed the night at a friend’s house. The next day I talked with the Mayor of Glen Cove and he introduced me to Pat Shea of Mommas House. Pat sat with me and explained to me about MOMMAS House. She opened her arms, and the doors, for my son and I. Because of MOMMAS I was able to attend college full time. After moving into MOMMAS I became an ‘A’ student and received honors during my last two semesters. If it wasn’t for MOMMAS I would never have done so well, which in turn raised my self confidence.

I probably would not have continued with school at all. While living at MOMMAS all the girls would have to attend workshops that were given often, on topics such as Infant CPR, parenting and much more. Maybe at the time I didn’t feel the same, but now I realize what a benefit those workshops were and how much I learned from them. To this day I still utilize information I learned from those workshops. 
Once I graduated from college I was really scared to move out on my own. I got a job and continued to live at MOMMAS House for several months while I saved enough money to move out on my own. During this time Pat Shea never pressured me, she gave me the time I needed to adjust to this huge transition in my life.

Living at Mommas house was an experience that will always stay with me and I am very proud to tell about. I lived with several other single mothers. At times it was hard, but I would not change any of it if given the chance. Pat is a woman who gives everything of herself and asks nothing in return.

On weekends when other girls in the house would go home to visit family, Pat would open her home to me since I had no family in New York. This is only one example of the many ways that Pat gives of herself for the young women of MOMMAS House.

Now, over 11 years since graduating MOMMAS House I am happily married with 3 kids. My husband and I have been married for nearly 7 years. Our kids are Elijah -12 years, Michelle - 2 year, and Kimberly - 1 year. I work as an office manager in an accountant’s office. Pat Shea, and MOMMAS House, made it possible for me to get a good start in life as a single mother and I am very grateful for that.


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